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Gate Automation

gate automation


  • Advice, guidance, and specification of what GATE AUTOMATION system and equipment is needed for your business
  • Installation service of GATE AUTOMATION in ISLAMABAD and surrounding areas
  • Maintenance of GATE AUTOMATION systems
  • Upgrades to your existing GATE AUTOMATION systems
  • Our professional business GATE AUTOMATION systems use state-of-the-art technology to monitor your property, people and operation 24-hours a day.

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gate automation
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Automation of gates is used to secure or control access into a specific place. usually, the Automation of gates is used at the front of the facility and is used to control all on and off. For example,

Automation of gates in Islamabad / Rawalpindi

Fast Solution technology is always there for the Automation of gates at your offices, schools universities, we give the best rates in Rawalpindi / Islamabad twin cities. suggestion, support, and specs of what system and computers are needed for your office, Installation service automation of gates in Islamabad / Rawalpindi and near areas,  Maintenance of systems, Upgrades to your existing systems, Our professionals use state-of-the-art technology to monitor your property, people and operation 24-hours a day.

Types of automation of gate openers

The 3 types of automation of gate openers

  • Easily customized
  • Cost-effective
  • Harder to open
  • Articulated gate openers
  • Underground gate openers
  • Sliding gate openers
  • Safe to use

Open a gate with your phone?

You can easily control to open a gate from your phone via entry details in systems, Internet Protocols, or intercoms, or gate control systems. In all these methods, you’ll have to install the software in the cell phone gate opener at the gated entrance.

Electric gates can be open manually?

The procedure used to open electric gates manually, if there will be no electricity to power the motors, is called manual open. This includes the use of a manual open key and built-in manual open mechanism, or other additional manual mechanisms.

Motion detectors

These intelligent sensors are designed to observe any activity that occurs in front of the automated gate. There should be an antenna that will point up and down, which creates a wave used to detect the activity.


Are electric gates expensive?

How much its cost to run? Electric gates are not much costly to operate, and their costs will depend on usage.