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Security is freedom from, or resilience towards, damage caused by others. Beneficiaries of protection may be individuals persons and social companies, objects and establishments, ecosystems, or every other entity or phenomenon susceptible to undesirable exchange.

Security Products in Islamabad /  Rawalpindi

Safety has turned out to be an increasingly daily need at events and around severe locations. Safety detectors play an essential role in making sure human beings are secure with the aid of detecting hidden weapons. Such as guns or knives. They also are beneficial in detecting foil-wrapped pills, & metals associated with jewelry or antique theft.

Types of Security Products

There are 3 types of  Security Products We have

  • Metal Detector
  • Walk Through Gates
  • Baggage Scanners

Metal Detector

Metallic detectors and walkthroughs are typically observed at airports. However, increasingly more they are being used in severe locations which include public buildings, sports activities grounds, and even in a few schools and universities.

If a walk-through detector indicates that something metal has been detected. On someone then security personnel will often use a hand-held metal detector or security wand to find the object.

Walk Through Gates

Walk via Gates are detectors for pedestrians. Ideal for locations having high human site visitors & requiring their bodily test for any metal.

Walkthrough gates detector individuals to carry any metal inside the human body & also offer an audio alarm for safety guards to physically forestall/check any individual who's detected to have a metallic with him.

Baggage scanner

Baggage scanner machines depend upon X-rays to peer thru the surface of your baggage to acquire certain pics of the things inside in it. They may not be able to check out every item for your baggage.  if suspicious items are detected you may bag searched

X-ray baggage scanner

X-ray baggage scanner is a technology of artificial intelligence, This device quickly finds the things inside the bags, and detect metals, etc, and depends on their composition.


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