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Variations in general qualities between Korean and Chinese students

Variations in general qualities between Korean and Chinese students

What number of Korean youngsters having sexual sense are 29 (11

Dining table 1 reveals participants’ qualities and you may differences by the nationality. The new effect rate off Korean people is actually 83.5% and therefore of Chinese children is actually 96.9%. The participants incorporated 273 Koreans (46.3%) and you can 317 Chinese (53.7%), with an average chronilogical age of ages (range 18–24 ages). The brand new mean years is ± 0.82 many years to the Korean youngsters and you may ± step 1.32 decades into Chinese youngsters. Away from puffing and you may liquor taking, the newest percentage of Korean people just who reported current smoking (13.2%) and you can taking (94.1%) are notably greater than that of Chinese students whom reported puffing (5.4%) and you may drinking (thirty six.6%). 0%) that has been a considerably high count than simply reported one of the Chinese people (fourteen persons, cuatro.4%). Just how many Korean children stated STI are step 1 (0.4%) and therefore out of Chinese students is six (1.9%). But not, there was zero significant difference for the STI experience from the nationality.

There have been 69 (25.4%) ladies people in Korea and you may 67 (21.1%) lady pupils inside Asia who replied “You will find heard about HPV ahead of”. You will find no significant difference from the nationality little armenia online for that it item. In addition, 61 (twenty-two.4%) Korean youngsters and you will 44 (13.9%) Chinese pupils had ever heard from vaginal warts, and that try a distinction (p = 0.009). When subjects were requested “exactly who means HPV vaccination?”, 183 (67.0%) Korean people answered that have both males and females, 47 (17.2%) responded in just females, and you may 43 (fifteen.8%) answered that it was not essential if the there are zero symptoms from infection. To own Chinese students, 165 (52.7%) answered you to definitely both men and women will be discovered HPV inoculation, 97 (31.0%) responded that it was not necessary in the event that there have been no episodes away from disease, and 51 (16.3%) replied one to only female might be vaccinated. There is certainly a positive change ranging from Korean people and Chinese pupils (p Table 2 Thinking, knowledge, and you may perceptions in the HPV and also the HPV vaccine from the nationality

The entire you can easily rating getting expertise in HPV varied from 0 so you’re able to eight activities, plus the suggest get out-of Korean participants getting HPV education is step 1.92 ± step one.98 activities, that was maybe not somewhat distinct from Chinese respondents’ suggest score out-of 1.89 ± step one.89 things. The entire rating each individual product towards the attitudes of HPV ranged away from 2 to help you 10 issues, while the indicate get towards domain away from seriousness try seven.0step one± step one.44 activities into the Korean respondents and you can eight.eleven ± step 1.42 points when you look at the Chinese respondents, proving zero factor between them teams. The latest suggest score towards the domain away from susceptibility is actually 5.94± step 1.65 factors during the Korean players and you will 5.89± 1.75 affairs during the Chinese people, so there try zero factor between them groups. The fresh indicate score to your domain name from negative emotions are six.02 ± 0.89 products in Korean respondents and 6.twenty-four ± step 1.70 things for the Chinese respondents, once more showing no factor among them groups. not, into goods “I’m nervous in the become infected with HPV,” the newest Chinese respondents displayed a dramatically high rating (step 3.04 ± 1.01 factors) than its Korean counterparts’ get of 2.88± 0.96 items (p = 0.048) (Table 2).

Analysis regarding aim of HPV inoculation between Korean and you will Chinese youngsters

The full score for HPV inoculation intent ranged away from 6 in order to 30 items, as well as the mean rating try ± 4.forty-five situations into the Korean respondents and you can ± cuatro.09 factors in Chinese respondents. To the product “In the near future, We plan to located HPV inoculation”, Chinese students displayed a notably highest intent, with a suggest get of’ step three.41 ± 0.81 out of 5 issues, compared to the get out-of step 3.33 ± 0.83 facts for the Korean students (p Dining table step 3 Goal of HPV vaccination of the nationality

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