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Biometric Systems

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Biometric Systems

Biometrics is the best and effective way of security in different scenarios all over the world. In Pakistan, biometrics is also used in many places, like for office security, secret agencies, and homes now local use in Homes. Biometrics is an identification based on a person with their body and some aspect that can do it with itself. Biometrics uses specific data about biological in order to start working effectively.

Biometric installation in Rawalpindi / Islamabad

High secured, Biometric verification provides the answers to “something a user has and is” and helps verify identity, User Experience – Easy to use and quick, Everyone has a unique identity so, no other can verify his identity. Biometrics is hard to fake or steal

The estimated biometric device price in Pakistan is Rs. 5,000 PKR and more efficient at Rs. 15000 PKR. We Fast Solution Technologies give you the best high-quality services, feel free to contact us.

Types of Biometric

So, there are two 2 types of biometrics verifications: Physiological Biometrics and Behavioral Biometrics.

Different Types of  Biometric Devices

There are many types of biometric devices it depending on what you need.

  • Fingerprint
  • Facial Recognition
  • Signature Recognition
  • Iris Recognition
  • Keystroke Dynamics
  • Retina Scan
  • Voice Recognition

Different Types of Verification

7 types of verification

  • Voice-Speaker Identification
  • Hand Geometry Recognition
  • Typing Recognition
  • Eyes - Iris Recognition.
  • DNA Matching.
  • Finger Geometry Recognition

Strongest Type of Verification Through Biometric

Iris verification is considered to be the quickest and most perfect method of biometric identification that captures images of your eyes and maps your unique iris pattern to verify your identity.

Mostly used Type of Verification Through Biometric

The biometric technologies they use are fingerprints, iris and facial recognition, gait, and voice recognition are the most popular and easiest for everyone.